TECH Heat Pump Water Heater Equity Incentives Verification Portal

TECH Clean California is a statewide initiative designed to make the installation of clean space and water heating technology easier and more affordable for Californians. TECH Clean California provides heat pump water heater incentives to TECH-enrolled contractors, who in turn, offer highly efficient equipment to customers at a discount.

Equity Incentives

Higher incentives for heat pump water heaters are available to residential customers (in single-family buildings with 4 dwelling units or less) who meet low-income requirements.

These incentives start at $4,185, with additional incentives available for larger water heater tank sizes and necessary electrical or other upgrades.

Income must be verified though this portal to confirm customer eligibility for these higher incentive amounts.

Please enter your county below to view the maximum income eligibility guidelines and check whether you are eligible for the equity incentives before proceeding with the verification application.


TECH incentives are only available through a TECH Clean California contractor. To find an eligible contractor who can help you confirm your incentive eligibility click HERE

The following is required to complete the Equity Incentive Low-income Verification application:

  • Email address of your TECH Clean California contractor
  • Income documents for all adults in the household. Check the income guidelines for your county HERE. Check income documentation requirements and acceptable types of income documentation HERE.
  • You must reside in a single family dwelling — defined as a property that is four dwelling units or less — or in an owner-occupied dwelling unit in a larger multi-unit building (such as a condominium unit). The income verification process for multifamily residential projects is different and is the responsibility of the property owner, not the tenants.

Please complete this application only if you’ve decided to move forward with a heat pump water heater. If you are unsure, please do not submit this form.

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